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Brad Boris

Phone: 438-5276

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Water Resources

The Water Resources Office is located on the first floor of City Hall.

Contact Us

(828) 437-8863

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info-directions map icon-60px305 E. Union St.
Suite A100
Morganton, NC 28655
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Mailing Address:
PO Box 3448
Morganton, NC 28680-3448

Water Resources Department

The City of Morganton Water Resources Department is comprised of five divisions that maintain the water distribution and wastewater collection systems for the City of Morganton. Water Resources offers water to 38,000 residents in Morganton, parts of Burke County, Oak Hill and US 64/NC 18.





The Administration division staff provides office support and information to customers, and handles the department's purchasing, payroll and planning responsibilities



Water Treatment

The Water Treatment division operates the 18 million-gallons-per-day conventional water plant. The plant has 5 million gallons of on-site finished water storage and a dewatering building to get rid of the solids that accumulate in the water treatment process. Eight pumping stations and 11 finished water storage tanks distribute water throughout the system.



Sewer Treatment

The Sewer Treatment division operates the 10.5- to 13-million-gallons-per-day sewer treatment plant.

The Sewer Treatment staff manages the different treatment aspects of the facility – including state-certified laboratory facilities, the pretreatment program, and a compost process to get rid of bio-solids. The facility discharges its treated effluent directly to the Catawba River.

The solids process consists of raw sludge storage to aerobic digesters, plus activated sludge to aerobic digesters, polymer addition, centrifuges, and composting. The compost product is then made available for sale to the public as "Morganite."

Collections & Distribution


Collections & Distribution

The Collections and Distribution division staff maintains 320 miles of water lines and 200 miles of sewer lines. The division is responsible for system repairs, water and sewer taps, meters, fire hydrants, valves, pressure regulation valves and back flow prevention devices.

The collection system preventative maintenance program is run by this division.


Water outage or sewage issue?i-information-24px

To report a water outage or other water or sewer issues, call 438-5276.

Cutoffs & Existing Service: For information on cutoffs and to apply for existing service, call 438-5245. 

New Construction: For initial installation and new construction of water or sewer connections, call 438-5276.

Water Reports: Click here to view Water Quality and Wastewater (Sewer) Reports. i-folder-16

Grease Control Information

wr-GC-Greasy-GremlinDon't let the Greasy Gremlin, get into your drains!

There's a monster in town! He's 'GG' the Greasy Gremlin and he's clogging drains and filling sanitary sewer lines with gunk. Help us keep GG and his greasy grime above ground. Never pour fats, oil or grease down the drain! If you let the greasy gremlin in, you'll need a plumber very soon!

Morganton's grease control program aims to educate residents and business owners on the damage fats, oils and grease can cause to sewer lines and provide information on how to keep grease out of the City sewer system.

The City works to educate residents through utility bill inserts and other mailings, cable advertisements and the City Web site.


Morganite Compost

Morganite is a mixture of bio-solids and wood chips created at the City of Morganton Wastewater Treatment Plant. Morganite is great for use in flower beds, gardens, landscaping, fertilizing pasture land and tree nurseries and more.


Water Conservation Information

wr-conservation-wmg-logo-150pxThe City of Morganton is a member of the Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group (WMG). During drought periods, the WMG monitors water levels in the basin and works together to encourage conservation among water customers in the region.


Water Resources Documents

Click the "Read more" link for a list of Water Resources Department related documents including the Water Quality Reports and Wastewater System Reports. You can also access the documents through the Document Center i-folder-16.