The City of Morganton is currently refurbishing three water tanks on the City's water system, the Oak Hill tank on New Lane in Morganton and the two Piney Road tanks in Caldwell County. The Oak Hill tank and one Piney Road tank have been drained and contractors are working to renovate the interior and exterior of the tanks.

Water Resources Director Brad Boris said the renovations, which started at the end of August, are part of the department's water tank maintenance program. Boris plans to renovate the Astro Drive and Grandview tanks later this year. Utility Service Group is performing the renovation work.

"This is another part of our long term capital improvement plan," Boris said. "By refurbishing these tanks, we add to the life of our water distribution system."

Boris said there should not be any water pressure issues caused by the maintenance, but if customers do experience problems, they should contact the Water Resources Department at 438-5276.

Utility Service Group will perform interior and exterior renovations on the tanks, which will be offline for the next three to five weeks.

To renovate the interior of the tanks, workers will drain the tanks, remove any accumulated sediment inside the tank, inspect the interior structure, make any needed repairs, sandblast the interior of the tank and reapply a drinking water approved coating. After the coating cures, City staff will fill the tank and perform bacteriological testing. Once the test results confirm good drinking water quality, the tanks will be put back into service.

To renovate the exterior of the tanks, workers will sandblast the old paint off the tanks, inspect the exterior structure, make any needed repairs, and repaint the tanks.

"It's a pretty intensive process, but it's worth the investment," Boris said.

The Water Resources Department has $283,000 budgeted for water tank refurbishment this fiscal year.